A dog that barks and growls at the slightest provocation is more than just annoying; if it keeps your neighbors up at night, it keeps you up at night, and it might lead to you having to make a choice between your home and your pet. There are several different options available for dog owners [...]

By J T Kesler You're probably reading this article to find tips on how to stop dog barking, so it might sound odd when I say that first you should teach your dog to bark - on command that is. To start this exercise your dog should be calm and relaxed. Take your dog to [...]

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that at some point in time, they are going to bark too much.  We know it's just part of what they do, but excessive barking can cause friction with neighbors. Whether it is excitement, danger, boredom, or some other reason, a dog can get into the habit of [...]

When a dog has the tendency to bark at any small noise it hears it can be extremely frustrating for the owner and neighbors alike. Whether the dog is barking about people walking by outside or it is sensitive to noises around the home, a no bark collar can be the perfect solution. While some [...]

  Does it ever seem that your dog feels the need to vocalize their every thought? They bark when they are excited, lonely, hungry, anxious, or even when they are bored. While barking can be a very effective means of communication, like when communicating the need to go outside and use the bathroom, other times [...]

Pet training classes can often help a lot with behavior problems, including nuisance barking.   You might be tempted to just buy a book or video about pet training, but  if barking is a real problem, getting professional help is a really good idea. No matter what type of dog you have, dogs like to [...]