Pet Safe Bark Collars – Safe Way to Stop Excessive Barking

pet safe no- bark collars

Pet Safe No-Bark Collars

Anyone who has owned a dog knows that at some point in time, they are going to bark too much.  We know it’s just part of what they do, but excessive barking can cause friction with neighbors.

Whether it is excitement, danger, boredom, or some other reason, a dog can get into the habit of barking too much. So what to do?

If your dog is a problem barker and you’ve tried working with him or her to no avail to correct the issue,  consider trying  a pet safe bark collar.

There are many types of pet safe bark collars available on the market today to assist you in controlling your dog’s barking.  The collars are activated by your dog’s bark through vibration or sound.

The spray collar releases a short burst of citronella scent that a dog’s highly developed sense of smell finds annoying, yet it is harmless.

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Most dogs will be conditioned over time to stop barking  because of the static charge emitted each time they bark while wearing the collar.

Pet safe bark collars are a popular choice with dog owners who want humane and safe ways to stop problem barking.

Pet safe bark collars are battery operated and most are waterproof, too. Most manufacturers have a variety of sizes, from very small to very large.  A good fit is important for the collar to work consistently and correctly.

Ultrasonic pet safe bark collars emit a harmless tone that is startling and unpleasant to your dog. These are most effective on small breeds and are set to your dog’s one-of-a-kind bark, so no other sounds can set off the collar.

The static collar (also known as an electronic bark or e-collar) releases a safe, gentle static shock when your dog barks. It’s no different than when you walk on a carpet during winter and touch an object or another person.

Some models allow you to set the level of stimulation or automatically and incrementally increase it as needed.

Reviews of the Pet Safe Collar Online

There are over 280 user reviews on, the majority of which are positive.  However, some dog owenrs report that the collar frightens the dog too much, leading to other behavior problems.  See all of the reviews by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.