No Bark Collars – A Great Training Aid To Stop Barking

Dog Barking

Dog Barking

When a dog has the tendency to bark at any small noise it hears it can be extremely frustrating for the owner and neighbors alike. Whether the dog is barking about people walking by outside or it is sensitive to noises around the home, a no bark collar can be the perfect solution.

While some may have the impression these are harmful for dogs, the reality is that it sends a small shock or piercing nose when the dog exhibits this bad behavior. The effect is not permanent and it will simply teach the dog not to bark when it wants to get their owners attention. No bark collars are fairly affordable and the perfect solution for those that want to quiet their dog without taking drastic measures.

A great way to ensure that the dog understands the instruction is to follow up with a treat. After the dog has barked and gets quiet from the collar, the owner can then offer them their favorite treat. This will show the dog that being quiet is the desired behavior and the collar is not designed to cause pain or extreme discomfort.

There are a wide assortment of no bark collars on the market today, ranging in size, style, and effectiveness. Many people opt for the most lightweight collar available because it will be fairly similar to the collar they already wear. Choosing one that is adjustable is also important, as the owner can change how severe the stimulation levels are. This ensures the dog is getting just the right amount of shock for it to be effective, without it being too harmful. While shock collars are popular, there are also models which shoot out a harmless spray to discourage barking, along with ones that emit a sound only dogs can hear.

Choosing a no bark collar can be difficult with the number of options which are available, but it can be made easier by testing them out or trying similar stimulations. If a dog reacts well to a simple stream of water or a piercing noise when they are barking, it is best to try out a collar that can have the same effect. Choosing the most lightweight collar is important so that they are not distracted by the new feel of a collar, along with opting for the effect that is going to make the biggest difference in deterring them from barking.