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Does it ever seem that your dog feels the need to vocalize their every thought? They bark when they are excited, lonely, hungry, anxious, or even when they are bored.

While barking can be a very effective means of communication, like when communicating the need to go outside and use the bathroom, other times it can be extremely annoying.

Fortunately, there are safe and gentle ways to discourage your dog from barking, without spending weeks or months reprimanding your dog with little results.

One of the best ways to discourage your canine companion from barking is to use a gentle spray bark collar. These dog collars emit a citronella spray every time that your dog begins to bark.

Gentle spray bark collars are equipped with tiny sensors that can tell when your dog begins barking, so that you will never need to activate the spray or reprimand your pet.

thumbsup2A gentle spray dog collar is unlike other bark control collars, as this type of collar will never shock your dog or cause any pain at all. It will only emit a citronella spray, which dogs can smell, feel, see, and hear.

This spray is not irritating or dangerous, just annoying to most dogs, as they do not frequently come into contact with citronella. While the smell is not unpleasant to most people, dogs are not fond of the scent.

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Another benefit of using a gentle spray dog collar is that it will train your dog not to bark, without involving you. Striking or hitting your dog sometimes causes the animal to associate your hand with pain or punishment.

While barking is an annoying habit, most dog owners do not want their pet associating them, or any of their body parts, with pain. Fortunately, these dog collars make it possible to train your dog not to bark, without “punishing” or causing them any pain.

The last benefit of using a gentle spray dog collar is their low cost. Not only are these collars less expensive than many shock collars, they are significantly more affordable than paying to have your dog trained.

You might be able to avoid the need for expensive dog training classes, which can be expensive and time consuming.

While gentle spray dog collars are less common than other bark control methods, these collars are rapidly gaining in popularity. Dog owners that are looking for a humane, pain-free method of training their dog will appreciate the humane and safe bark control that these collars provide. (click on the image below to get a gentle spray dog collar)