A dog that barks and growls at the slightest provocation is more than just annoying; if it keeps your neighbors up at night, it keeps you up at night, and it might lead to you having to make a choice between your home and your pet. There are several different options available for dog owners [...]

Everyone has an opinion about how to stop excessive dog barking... Here we have some ideas from two different dog obedience experts.  They have very different approaches to solving this problem. Feel free to leave comments below this posting with your experiences and ideas. Every dog is different in some way. Some strategies here may [...]

A popular alternative to electric shock collars, the citronella spray collar, is also safer for the dog and more humane. One such collar is called the 'Spray Commander' and it is manufactured by Innotek. >>Order Citronella Spray Collars Now. Low Prices And Fast Delivery<<   Training Your Dog With the Citronella Spray Collar Anti-bark collars [...]

The Viatek Super Bark Stop is an ultrasonic indoor/outdoor device. It is used to control (and sometimes eliminate) nuisance barking without electric shock or other inhumane methods. When the dog barks, the device emits an ultra high frequency sound that is irritating to the dog, and in most cases, the barking will cease at least [...]

Although some minor barking has to be acceptable excessive or uncontrolled barking can become annoying, especially to neighbors. This will eventually lead to complaints. One of the easiest and quickest ways how to Train A Dog To Stop Barking is to control your dogs want to in the first place. Dogs bark for many and [...]