citronella spray collar

Citronella Spray Collars

A dog that barks and growls at the slightest provocation is more than just annoying; if it keeps your neighbors up at night, it keeps you up at night, and it might lead to you having to make a choice between your home and your pet.

There are several different options available for dog owners who want to stop dog barking, including citronella spray collars which release a blast of citronella at the dog whenever they bark.

The Truth about Citronella Spray Collars

These collars offer several significant advantages over other behavior training methods like the use electrical shock collars.

Shock collars cause some dogs other behavioral problems because the shock (or fear of) causes anxiety.

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3 Advantages of Citronella Spray Collars

1. Citronella Spray Collars are more humane than shock collars.

Unlike electrical collars which deliver a short, painful shock to a dog, citronella spray collars deliver a harmless spray which doesn’t hurt dogs but startles them. By encountering an unusual smell, taste and sensation, dogs are trained to avoid unnecessary barking in a pain-free manner.

2.  They are also proven to be effective.

Researchers at Cornell University found that pet owners prefer citronella spray collars over electrical shock collars not just because they were more humane but because they found them to be more effective. Sending painful shocks to a dog could reinforce fear and anger – feelings which cause nuisance barking in the first place.

3. Citronella spray collars are simple and easy to use.

These types of collars are easy to use right out of the box, and refilling the collar with additional citronella spray is simple and affordable. In many cases, using an electrical collar system requires adjusting the collar to ensure that the shock delivered is strong enough to train the dog but not strong enough to cause harm.

While it might be true of some dogs that their “bark is worse than their bite,” if you have a dog who barks non-stop you might think otherwise.

“Nuisance” barking problems make up 13 to 35 percent of all animal behavior problems, according to researchers at Cornell University.

Choosing a citronella spray collar instead of other options does more than ensure the safety and comfort of your pet; it’s also a great solution that effectively helps to end problem barking. If you are struggling to stop excessive dog barking, consider trying a citronella spray collar.

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